Friday, August 30, 2013

Campus Techology August 2013 Issue - MOOCs

Campus Technology Digital Issue


The MOOC Business Plan
With millions of students taking high-quality MOOCs for free, schools and course providers are searching for a viable business model.

Editorial: MOOC Shake
MOOCs will change higher education radically, but not in the way we expect right now.

Assessment Tools for MOOCs
As MOOCs are made available for credit, scalable assessment options are essential.

Building a Sense of Community in MOOCs
Massive class sizes can breed feelings of isolation, but they also enable more student interaction.

Blended MOOCs: The Best of Both Worlds?
Combining in-class instruction with high-quality MOOCs may resolve some of the hurdles facing xMOOCs, but questions about cost and the impact on faculty remain unanswered.

Watch video: Catheryn Cheal, AVP and senior academic technology officer at San Jose State, discusses how the school adapted a course for use in a blended MOOC.

The Rise of MOOCs…
What does it mean for higher education?

Watch video: Cathy Sandeen, VP of education attainment and innovation at ACE, talks about the potential of MOOCs to increase the number of Americans gaining a post-secondary degree.
cMOOCs: Putting Collaboration First
Alternative MOOC models are fostering creativity and collaboration with peers.

How to Convert a Class Into a MOOC
The sheer size and diversity of the student body in a MOOC require a new approach to teaching.

The role of MOOCs in learner-initiated learning.

MOOC News & Analysis
Georgia Tech's MOOC Degree

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